SSS - SADIS Server Software

This software runs on Sun/Sparc workstations under the Solaris 2.5 operating system and allows you to receive meteorological bulletins transmitted via the SADIS (SAtellite DIStribution) system. The received bulletins are automatically stored in a local database or distributed over the LAN to remote databases.

Receive filter lists as well as distribution lists can be used to process only interesting bulletins.

The SSS software can be managed with any WWW browser software. This management include server startup/shutdown as well as server statistics like the number of received bulletins, the number of erroneous bulletins and maintaining the filter and distribution lists and much more.

Additionally received T3 fax bulletins can be viewed directly via the WEB management software.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about that.

WEB based WMO bulletin visualisation as well as generation is currently under development.

SADIS hardware include a 4m satellite dish and a SADIS receiver attached to the SUN workstation via a serial cable. SADIS hardware can be purchased from a another vendor. Details are available upon request.

The SADIS Image Gallery contains several screen snapshots of the SSS Management WEB Interface.

Last update: Tue Jul 11 21:06:04 2000