Avalanche Radar - Results

The following images show a typical velocity (doppler) spectrum of an avalanche with different derived parameters.

Velocity at Maximum Echo Intensity

This is the velocity corresponding to the highest peak in the spectrum.

Maximum Velocity

The maxium velocity is the highest velocity in the spectrum where the intensity is above a given threshold (typically expressed as a multiplier of the noise level).

Maean Velocity & Standard Deviation

The mean velocity is a weighted average of those spectra lines which lie between an upper and lower boundary. These boundaries are calculated dynamically and the corresponding velocities are the highest / lowest velocity of the spectrum signal which passes the above mentioned threshold. The standard deviation is the 2nd momentum of the velocity spectrum.

Maximum Echo Intensity and overall echo intensity:

The maximum echo intensity is the highest level of the spectrum.

Overall Echo Intensity:

The overall echo intensity is calculated by an integration of the spectrum levels between the upper and lower boundaries.

Last update: May 2011